CeiA3 Congress: 2nd International Workshop on Biorefinery of Lignocellulosic Materials

After the first edition of the International Workshop on Biorefinery of Lignocellulosic Materials (IWBLCM), held in 2015, in which more than 90 researchers from 19 countries participated, on behalf of the Organizing Committee it is a great pleasure to invite you to attend the 2nd International Workshop on Biorefinery of Lignocellulosic Materials (IWBLCM2019) to be held in Córdoba, Spain, from Tuesday 4th to Friday 7th of June, 2019.

In this edition we will count with the presence of high-level scientists. They will be 4 days in which to share ideas, reflections, intentions, desires, related to the Biorefinery, the circular economy, sustainable development, that is, with a better future!

We would like to invite researchers to submit original research in order to deepen the knowledge of bio-refinery based on agro-industrial residues. 

The Congress will take place in Córdoba, a beautiful and welcoming city with centuries of history. Located to the South of Spain, has two international airports to just one hour by road (Malaga and Seville), as well as connection with Madrid via high-speed train. Cordoba is steeped in history, as evidenced by the large number of archaeological remains of Roman and Muslim. The Roman Forum, the Mezquita, Madinat Al-Zahra, the Jewish quarter… many places to visit and enjoy.

The scientific program will be held at the Rectorate of the University of Córdoba, a beautiful neo-Mudéjar building, located in the Avenue of Medina Azahara and considered to be one of the emblematic buildings of the city. A three-day Scientific Programme will include keynotes lectures, oral presentation and poster sessions. 

The Scientific Committee wishes to their attendance at the Congress and that this is a scientific and social success.

We hope you in Córdoba in 2019!


Alejandro Rodríguez Pascual, University of Córdoba, Spain

Gary Chinga Carrasco, Scientific Reseach Centre, RISE-PFI, Norway

Mª Eugenia Eugenio Martín, Forest Research Centre, Spain

Soledad Peresin, University of Auburn, USA

Paulo Ferreira, University of Coimbra, Portugal

Manuel Jesús Díaz Blanco, University of Huelva, Spain 

Thomas Rosenau, University of Natural Resources and Life Sicences, Austria


Fernando Pérez Rodríguez, University of Córdoba

Elena Carrasco Jiménez, University of Córdoba 

Eduardo Espinosa Víctor, University of Córdoba

Isabel Bascón Villegas, University of Córdoba

Mónica Sánchez Gutiérrez, University of Córdoba

Antonio Rosal Raya, University Pablo de Olavide